How to Prevent Joint Pain: A Lesson from Mops Molly the Pug

How to Prevent Joint Pain: A Lesson from Mops Molly the Pug

Short biography of Mops Molly: @vermopst

Generally, pugs belong to the short nose breeds and in recent years have become a very popular breed. They are well known for their incredibly sweet temperament, being very funny, friendly and easy to clean.  However, like Molly, pug’s are also very sensitive.The pug is an especially clever dog, who will make it known when they are experiencing pain.

Due to the rising popularity of pugs and certain breeding practices, this makes many dogs like Molly suffer the fate of joint pain.  However, it is never too late if provided with the right diet

How to know if your dog has joint disease?

Even if you tend to own “unsporty” dogs, they are often significantly sportier than unsporty people. Due to this misperception, the health of dog’s joints are often misjudged. The pug, known for having short legs and a closed spout, still suffer greatly from the joint pain of their daily lives.  If owner’s notice that their dog begins using sleep as a way to get through the day, or have a loss of appetite or playfulness, they most likely suffering the consequence of joint disease.  Owners must frequently adapt to the changes caused by joint disease, while attempt to prevent it.

Joint disease occurs in dogs of all ages

Joint disease, both in older dogs, as well as in young dogs occurs.  In most cases, the negative side effects of joint disease go unnoticed until it is too late.  The type of breed plays an unimportant role, for it can occur in any type of dog.  However, owners who can be informed extensively can eliminate some risks.

Mops Molly as a pug who suffers from a severe case of joint pain slowed the progressive process of joint disease by using a daily dose of Happy Again in her daily meals. The change is evident, so by spreading awareness of the great impact a dog’s diet can have on their current health is detrimental. Pain caused by joint disease in pets can be effectively treated by using Happy Again, and also with the addition of natural anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric.

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