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  • So what makes our Powerfood so special?

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    So what makes our Powerfood so special?

    From the beginning and forever, we insist on 360° transparency in the quality of source ingredients, processing, and packaging. We sourced our ingredients from USDA-approved facilities and used sustainable packaging, so you can rest assured that your dog is getting the best ingredients while also helping the environment.

    Instead of plastic or metal cans, we use glass containers. Plastics and cans are nonrenewable resources that will take over hundreds of years to decompose. We also want to avoid microplastics and metals in our food, as they can cause a variety of health issues for both humans and pet consumption. 


    powerfood process
    The full ingredients are visible in glass jars. We use real meat chunks rather than ground meat to ensure that you get the right meat without added fillers. Glass jars does not contain any synthetic chemicals making it safe to store food in a long period of time. Another reason why we love glass jar so much is that it is recyclable, reusable, & refillable. 
    sous vide cooking powerfood
    Unlike most commercial pet foods, POWERFOODis carefully poached from the raw ingredients in the jar at a low temperature, reflecting the sous vide cooking process. Cooking raw ingredients in the jar at a low temperature without oxygen exposure is our patent pending method to preserve nutrients in the jar, enabling the product to be shelf stable without the need for artificial preservatives.


    This revolutionary method has been recognized by the Pet Care Innovation Team by Purina was included in the five start-up winners of 2023. 

    Pet Care Innovation Prize


    This clean, simple, and innovative fresh food is what we call the future of dog food. Reclaim your freezer and join the thousands of dogs (and owners) who crave HAPPYBOND's Powerfood.





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