The Hardship of Losing Your Best Friend

The Hardship of Losing Your Best Friend

Hello dog lovers,

Warning: This story is not for the faint of heart. I am writing to you about Tony’s deteriorating health.  A sad fact that is attributed to age, but can be prevented if properly cared for from the beginning

How it all started

Tony had some problems before Christmas, and everything pointed to a sensitive stomach. I wanted to make sure that Tony’s stomach probelms did not point to something more.  We visited our veternanrian who pwerscriped some natural herbal remedies.  Tony’s kinesiology examen was then followed by some x-rays.  I always hate waiting for the results.  Tony’s conditions however were deemed as normal, and nothing was found to be wrong. 

As time passed, everything got worse.

I took Tony back to a different vet, with a less naturalistic approach, who diagnosed him with very strong fungal, viral and bacterial infection. The longs were the central issue causing Tony’s discomfort.  With antibiotics and natural remedies in hand, Tony refused to eat (usually something he would never do.) Tony’s symptoms constantly flucuated, one moment he would be unable to breath, and then the next he would be totally normal (especially when we decided to take him back to the vet.)

The shock

What no dog owner wants to hear.  The X-Ray results came in, and the new veternarian told me that Tony was diagnosed with cancer.  His lungs were filled with so much fluid, that the volume caused him to be unable to breath. 

I cannot describe how it felt, there was my best friend on the ground, who has accompanied me 11 1/2 years.  A dog lives such a short life, but makes a lifetime of impact. As programmed I asked all the questions, but the vet gave little hope that he would not be able to survive. I suggested that they give him a cortisone shot to ease the pain, and make it easier for him to breath. The vet considered this superfluous, but injected him with the long-term steroid. I remember avoiding to look at all of the dog skeletons that lined the walls. 

I cried like a baby in front of my 3 year old daughter, Leila.  She was suprised to see her momma cry.  She took me in her arms and said, “It’ll be all right Mama, he can then play in the dog heaven with Minou (my parents’ cat).” My daughter is 5 years old and obviously has more strength than me …

What now?

Anyone who has ever lost their beloved pet can imagine how the next few days went by. Tony got a little better thanks to the cortisone, so I started with prednisolone and of course all of his herbal remedies for the fungal and viral infection. Another veterinarian from the practice called and scheduled an appointment to put Tony down. 

The turn

Tony slowly began to eat again and it seemed that he was feeling a little better. It was only important to me his last days as comforting as possible. But everything was different … Tony did better every day, he breathed better, he started to bark again, he wanted to run out and eat like never before. Of course, much of it is attributable to cortisone, but something was different. After 2 weeks, he was as fit and active as you have been 2 years ago. Our appointment with our vet was also completely unexpected.

The follow-up

At first she could not believe that he was still alive and then even so fit and active … she asked us to take another X-ray, I was skeptical, what should have changed in 2 weeks? Kinesiologically, his stomach, kidney and liver were in top shape, only a virus and fungus seemed to be keeping him busy, but the lungs were much better. Those who have never been kinesiologically studied may think this is humbug, but when this rod of pure energy begins to vibrate at certain points, it seems to be no longer an illusion.

The wonder

You can imagine that I did not know what to say, how she showed me the new pictures …. Half of the lungs were clear again, although there were still about 3 large tumors to be seen, but the rest seemed to have been erased. Dr. Jones was equally surprised, but reported on several patients who had primary lung tumors and were cured with herbs and herbal remedies in combination with cortisone. She also prescribed him an OZON cure and there were new herbal substances. Now also a mushroom spore preparation from Chinese medicine.

The reality does not disappear

I was aware that the day will come when he will feel worse again and I have to let him go, but it was just so good to see him so happy, so full of life. We enjoyed every minute with him and are grateful that we were able to gain a little more time. I have to admit that I also repress it, that he had cancer and that’s why I shied away from writing this post … but I know now exactly how many pet owners feel when it’s called cancer diagnosis.

You want to do everything to help the animal and to keep it even longer. Even now, tears swell from my eyes when I think about it.  However, I want to remember the good times.  Your special companion is in your life for a reason, and despite their short life span, they will teach you so much about yourself that is it truly unbelievable.

Heaven can wait!


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