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HAPPYBOND’s Collagen+ SuperSupplement.

Immunity fueling, anti-aging, youth building and multi integrative formulas for your superdog.

HAPPYBOND's Collagen+ is the only pet product in the world with a functional level of all 20 Amino Acids extracted in a patented process sourced exclusively in Germany from rare nutrient dense porcine breeds. Combined with potent anti-inflammatory and immune boosting elements.

Our super formula goes through careful fragmentation to harvest the highest quality, most potent extraction producing up to 99% molecular bioavailability.

That's why HAPPYBOND is a SUPER Supplement


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Life-changing Benefits for your dog

Don’t let them grow older. Build younger.

Our SuperSupplement supports your dog for:

Increased immunity

Improved movement

Deeper sleep

Balanced mood

Improved gut health

Sharper focus

Lustrous coat growth

Youthful cell renewal

Youthful radiant glow

Boosted metabolism

Better recovery

Reduced inflammation

Decreased joint pain

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