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Aquarius is ruled by two planets, Saturn is authoritative and serious, Uranus is spontaneous and unpredictable. Only you will know which one is in charge of your pooch, perhaps even both! That's the thing, these dogs are anything but predictable or boring. They often have little quirks which can show up either in characters or appearance. As air signs, they are incredibly smart and loyal too.


Your Aquarian dog star can be contrary, so super friendly and sociable one minute or a tad aloof preferring only your company or their own the next. There is nothing to worry about its just that they are always 'on': as In ready to help others in any way they can and sometimes they just want to chill at home with you.

They can tune into everyone's mood and feelings which can exhaust them. They are incredibly sensitive to energy which makes them natural healers so you need to help them heal too, most of the time this occurs when they sleep; so, it's plugged in, as this can disturb their energy and make them irritable and tired.

Like their human counterparts, they are the humanitarians, and helping others makes them feel productive and happy - so weave serving you or rescuing others into their lives in some way, even if it's just to get your email every morning. These guys are kind and compassionate beings who have huge hearts and can sense when you are not feeling great, they will do all they can to lift your spirits and have no issues generously sharing or welcoming any walks or strays into their open hearts and paws.