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The HAPPYBOND guide to caring for your dog’s emotional and social needs.

Just like us humans, dogs have a spectrum of emotional and social needs other than food and activity. To be at their best, it is essential that they receive a sense of love, trust, security, and belonging.

Our mission is to provide pup parents with the resources they need to make sure they are building the HAPPYBONDS their dog needs to thrive.

Curious to see how your emotional and relational needs compare to your furry best friend?

Dogs, like us, have biological needs such as breathing, sleeping, and eating nutritious food in order to stay healthy. However, our complex furry friends also have a wide range of emotional needs, just like humans, such as compassion, love, trust, security, as well as a sense of home and possession. In addition, they have deep social needs for intimacy and belonging, mirroring our own relationships with family and friends.

When it comes to training and accomplishment needs, similarly to how humans can grow their self esteem through overcoming challenges, developing new skills, and creating, your pup also builds confidence through the creative process and challenges like learning new tricks. Lastly, just like us, each pup has a unique set of cognitive needs for problem solving, learning, and self actualization.


Psychology Guide



Dogs are the best listeners there are!

Not only do they agree on every point, and they don’t interrupt. But you should listen to your pup. If you pay attention, it is incredible how much they communicate with us! From mouth licking to barks and paw scratches, from tail wiggling to hanging ears, they are skilled at expression. Watch and learn…


Social Behavior

Socialising is extremely important for any mammal...

No wonder your dog is pulling towards every other dog he/she sees, just like us. Like us, the social aspect of a dog varies. Get to know your dog’s character and plan accordingly.. Make sure that your pup gets the perfect amount of socialization for his or her unique needs, be it a soft hello while strolling around the block or a full contact playdate in the dog park.



Our absolute favorite moment of the day is cuddling up with our dogs on the sofa.

This happy and extremely satisfying moment, when they hop up, and happily roll on their side ready for belly rubs. Dogs never hold back emotions, and from that we should learn.


Love, Love, Love

One of the easiest and most important parts of having a dog as your companion is giving affection.

It is so easy to love those amazing creatures and they give it right back to us. Dogs don’t judge or change their minds, they just give all their love and affection to us. It is important to have a balance between exercising, communication, socializing and affection because balance is key for dogs too.