Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, is not content with being left behind, so it's unlikely they will agree graciously if you try to leave them home alone - they will likely be extremely vocal about that and delight in telling your neighbors (and the whole street) all about it (loudly!) until your key hits the front door.

The Aries pooch is happiest by your side but rarely needy. They require high octane exercise and plenty of freedom to explore, they will gallop along the beach and come back regularly to check you have not gotten lost. Make no mistake, they see you as their responsibility, not the other way around.


Adventure and variety are the way to this furry one's heart, they may disappear as they seek to exhaust themselves so a tracker on the collar may be a wise move and al­ though they will come back, their return will only arise if they are hungry or exhaust­ ed, they don't do guilt! Aries are not necessarily the most obedient of hounds, brave, confident (unless suffering a past trauma) and loyal, they will bark off anyone they perceive as a threat, regardless of any size imbalance.

They are quick to bore and may switch moods quickly but rarely do they sulk or hold grudges like water sign doggies and whilst they are 'mostly' tolerant of new children or other animals in their homestead- they need to feel that they are 'top-dog'­ always! This four-legged Huckleberry Fin lives for the hunt and expects to be the leader; it's in their cosmic DNA.