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Building The Bond

The HAPPYBOND Guide to making sure your dog receives the proper nutrients for feeling energized, agile, and ready to play.

At HAPPYBOND we believe in “Whole Health”.

Just like people, our pups need a healthy mind, nutritious food, and play to stay happy and healthy.

Relationship and bonding advice
from dog expert , Cesar Millan

By Cesar Millan

Exercising Senior Dogs

Here are some tips to keep in mind as your dog enters his senior years. Learn More >>

By Cesar Millan

Helping Your Dog Be Social On The Walk

The key to a great walk? Remember the energy you bring with you affects the walk. Learn More >>

By Cesar Millan

How To Get Your Dog To Listen To You

When your dog won’t listen to your commands, it can be frustrating — and it can also be dangerous. Learn More >>