Your water sign pooch is likely sweet natured and gentle. They are often sensitive, intuitive and extremely loving, and kind. They like to feel safe and secure, love being at home, and may need plenty of reassurance from you. Once they feel you are commited, they will lighten up and become more confident and playful. These are the kind of dogs who just know when you are not 'feeling' right and will do all they can to make you 'feel' better. They don't like arguments and will become insecure and jittery if your home is anything less than a peaceful sanctuary. By accommodating their needs, they will heal you and your heart at any given opportunity ensuring your bond grows into something intuitive and beautiful. If they were human, they would be the healing friend, always ready with a bear hug and the right words to soothe a weary soul.


As they get older, they may be likely to be a tad moody, which means you may have a snappy one on your hands. If this is the case, you must train them well as soon as possible so that they don't bite the hand that feeds them - literally! Now I'm certainly not saying your little Cancer angels are always biters, I'm saying they are super sensitive and usually need a 'moment' to gauge the general mood and indeed their own. Sometimes they just wish to be left alone, so children hassling them to play won't always be appreciated and they may be wary of other dogs. Give them a 'moment' to get back into their bodies after asleep and they will melt your heart with affection.

As water signs, they are usually perceptive like Scorpio and Pisces and are often brilliant judges of character. Their acute senses are usually right, so take heed and hear them out. Their acute senses automatically scout out potential threats to your safety and the general security of the home, it's wise to listen to them and check the landscape if they are persistent in their unrest. These little stars will sniff out bad guys (and gals) and threats to your security way before worldly alarms ring!