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  • Capricorn

    Capricon dogs stars are ruled by Saturn, whom I call the Queen of the zodiac which stands to reason if you have a true Capricorn in your life. Like the Queen this one will not be prone to outbursts, meltdowns or barking out loud in public for no reason.

    They are usually cool calm and a tad reserved when meeting new people or other animals. They may play ball with you but really those usal tricks are deemed beneath them as they would rather have a nice run, smell the roses take in the sights or walk by your side.


    Your Capricorn pooch will not hold back if you do something they don't approve of. One of my friend's dogs was left home alone for a few hours and when we returned and popped him in the car, he literally told her off the for the next hour. When they do this, it's not just incessant barking. It has tone and melody to it, and they insist you listen. They have a quiet authority about them which usually makes other dogs bow down, fast!

    They like a relaxed life and consistent routines and will happily sit by the fire with you for hours or run alongside you as you take jog. They are the sure-footed steady kind of companion and love to hike a trall slowly and reach the top with you, they like to feel that they are achieving but do not readily need recognition - they now they are marvelous but don't need a fanfare to tell them, their confidence is innate and comes from within.

    These pooch stars have a wonderful way of just 'being' - they are present, loyal not usually easily excited and dependable. They do prefer the finer things in life but don't like making a fuss, senseless noise or too much bling. They like the finest food and are prone to turn their nose up at anything less than caviar of dog food. I mean as far as they are concerned, they ought to be sitting at the table with you, they may just skip using cutlery, but you'll never see any leftover food on their chops. Appearance is everything!

    Not really ones to wonder off the beaten track or run away from you, they are wise ones. even when young, trustworthy and as classy as a dog can be!