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    Gemini is easily the ficklest of the pooch stars, they like to both communicate and be quiet depending on their mood. Always up for fun, they are born ready, so if you do grab a lead or tell them you are ready to go for a walk, do yourself and any neighbors a favor and be ready to go immediately or you will be told in no uncertain terms that waiting is 'simply not acceptable. They are excitable, which is endearing, unless you are a super chilled person, in which case your Gemini pooch is likely to drive you insane, better to exhaust them as they have relentless and unbridled energy only akin to a two-year-old child, best of luck with that one! You'll need it.


    These guys are super smart and always 'on' any slight movement near the door will launch them into high alert, could it be a visitor? A walk? Or an intruder? Every even­ dual possibility will have flashed through their lightening minds and worked them into a frenzy before the mail has even hit the floor. If your Gemini hound was a child, a Dr would've likely prescribed ADD drugs by now, but drugs are not the way to go - it's all about calm and consistent communication. This pooch doesn't realize we don't all have the innate skills of the 'Dog Whisperer or so you need to find ways of talking to him or her and he/she will delight in trying to teach you their language of 'yappy'.

    They are so clever, and love to learn like their human counterparts, so teaching them tricks will be easy and they will enjoy the applause when they n1aster any challenge you set for them - they love to win in that respect and when you give them your heart, they will atte1npt to move mountains to please you.

    Like many highly strung humans, your Gemini pooch can suffer terribly with anxiety and may have abandonment issues, for that reason, they need to know what's going on. If you are going away, you must tell them and explain the details - don't think for one minute they can't understand you, they totally can. Facetime them when you are away and reassure them that you are coming home soon. Even if they are chasing" their tails when you call, they will hear you, they always do!