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    Your Leo pooch star is ruled by the sun ancl therefore it's a given that everything and everyone must revolve around them - or else! These doggies, large or small are the most noble beings, loyal to a fault and proud, so it's wise for you to keep them groomed if you want their respect and very well fed, not necessarily with quantity, but quality of chow is the key! They are likely to turn their noses tip at anything less than than the best. They are usually rather high maintenance but all they give in return is worth the investment and if you give them plenty of love, they are prone to forgive the odd tin of second-rate food here all there if you must!


    They have huge hearts and noble blood and don't like to be disobeyed or embarrassed, so if they bark at you with a fixed gaze its highly likely you have offended them, and they are asking you politely to check your behavior. These dogs will not enjoy being on a lead, so training them to walk by your side (where permitted) is a smart move. If it's the law, you needs to apologize to them and explain that it's nothing personal, they won't mind a collar as much, so long as they knows its only to stop someone trying to steal them, that! they will understand, you could try adding a few diamonds to it and all will be well.

    Their love will flow when trust is established and there is nothing quite like a canine Leo's love, it's as bright and all-encompassing as the sun itself with the capacity to blow away the blues.

    Leo canines are usually very bossy, they will quickly tell you if something is not right and will not permit being treated like anything less than royalty!

    You may have to remind them that they are a dog in this incarnation as they see themselves as your equal and above all others! Sitting next to you in the car is their right as far as they are concerned so if they must, buy a harness or explain to them the reason they are in the back if you wish to stop them telling you off all the way to your destination.