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    All the Libran four legged friends I know are extremely fair of face, it's funny as far as I can tell, this is not always the case with their human counterparts sharing the same star sign. Although any human with underlying strong Libran influences (such as the rising sign or Venus or Mars sign) is beautif ul in accordance with my research, the dogs are almost always striking. These dogs just have looks that were sent straight from their ruler Venus herself and many are acutely awar e of it and this shows in their stance , they stand tall and proud (even the dachshunds and n1iniatur es) and often have a regal look about them.


    Unless they are influenced by their neighbouring signs, these little stars need companionship and don't like to be without affection for long. Charming and graciollS these guys make the best companions , they don't actually 'need' much aside from you, so you must give them plenty of your time, they are not the kind of animals that will do well if left alone for long periods of time. They tend to take that rather personally and will go one of two ways , either by literally sitting on top of you (like Vizlas) so that you cannot escape without a struggle, by slobbering all over you as often as they can as they crave body contact or by simply withdrawing like a hurt lover and spending all their time literally licking their non-visible wounds as if trying to wash away the pain of what they perceive to be your 'rejection'.

    Now there are canines who disprove this rule, but they usually have plenty of their neighbouring sign Scorpio in their full charts, these guys are not singing from the same rule book, they will love you, but are not 'needy', preferring instead to jump on you from time to time, catch a quick lick and run off to chase their next target for their ardent affections.

    Libra lovelies are usually very co-01J erative with both humans and fellow dogs. They actually like co-habiting so you won't find any commitment issues arising from their direction. They like having other four-legged friends around so 1ong as they are deemed to be 'compatible'. If you bring in a highly strung dog or fellow human, they will tolerate them without fuss but will not invest any time in them so the usurper will exist in a totally different universe as far as they are concerned, - actually they don't exist as far as they are concerned! There will be no drama but zero eye contact, lin1ited body contact - no consideration: nada! That! is how your Libra pooch rolls. Theirs is an art form in the guise of passive aggression.