These water sign pooch stars are simply adorable. Almost like the fairy folk's breed of dogs. They are inore often than not ; gentle and affectionate but not fearless- they are unlikely to stick around if voices are raised and if you have boisterous children, this will likely send them running for the best place to hide and retain their zen.


They like to gallop and prance around , especially if you live close to water, once they get over their mistrust of the moving tides, they will revel in the waves and are often drawn to owners who like to surf and swim. Water is healing for them and they are completely at home on a paddle board with you, or on their own. Happy in the water,or waiting for you whilst you're surfing, it's all fine by them.

These guys are sensitive and have above average hearing so loud music isn't great for them and they may suffer with ear issues so keep an eye on that. they are highly intuitive beings and will likely try to do some yoga with you or sit next to you on a mat as you meditate - they will know you are getting ready to go out before you do, and if you are not planning on taking them you must tell them how long you will be as they do get nervous and can suffer with abandonment issues, even if they never have been, its likely a left-over soul memory from another life!

Either way, they don't like being left alone - left alone in a room is entirely different to an ocean betwee n them and their loved ones. They get lonely and whilst they certainly appreciate time alone, that's entirely different to being 'left' alone they are ok with other ani1nals but see themselves more as human or fairy so are unlikely to fall in love readily with anytlling that has more than two legs! For them, it's all about you!