These firecrackers are always up for an adventure and are unusally so easy going they don't mind where you take them or how you get there so long as they are coming!

Planes trains and automobiles are all fair game for these furry friends.

They are usually super friendly and love to meet new people and possible friends, although they don't from attacthments readily, they are usually incredibly loyal to their owners yet happy to be in the moment and see who comes along to add to their fun.


Your Sagittarius companion doesn't like to be restrained so leads are frowned upon in that respect, if you let them off it, expect a few victory laps before they come bacl. If they disappear after these victory laps, it's ot jsut them ignoring you, or being disobedient its because they found a new friend to play with and just had to play peek a boo with the squirrels too, If they haven't found a friend thgey will be chasing their tail, or their shadow so don't be mad if it takes them a little longer to return. They love to play and prefer not to take life too seriously, which is what makes them so refreshing to be around.

This fire sign pooch is super smart and will delight in learning new tricks if you have the time to teach them. They don't seem to have much patience but that's because they are always 'eager' to learn, to dance to play and meet new interesting challenges and friends. They are fine with 'whatever'. If they have toys to play with it's often the case that they will chew right through just to see what is at the buttom of something. Not so good with being kept inside for long period of time although simply having access to a garden won't be enough for them unless they find some rodents to chase. They are usually fearless which makes them highly adaptable and less prone to anxiety - you can literally take this pooch anywhere and of course that is always their aim!