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    Scorpio canines are powerful, if they are too small to exert that power physically then they use manipulation to get what they want. They will resort to any tactic to get what they want, but rarely will they roll over and acquiesce.

    Very often they prefer to be the only animal in the house and although they will play with the doggies they meet when out, they rarely crave anyone e's company outside of their domain.

    They need plenty of exercise, like all dogs and humans! Yet they like the freedom to explore and to flex their muscles so cross country is ideal for them. If they decide they don't like someone or something, they are as stubborn if not more so than a Taurus bulldog. They hold a grudge for years, so if someone wronged them do not expect them to forget (-ever !) and if you give into them once, such as feeding them outside of dinner time from your hands you can forget any kind of training to stop them forming the habit of expecting it all the time, the point is, be consistent or you will lose, no hound has more will power than the Scorpio dog-star!


    Scorpio dog stars often make the best guard dogs because their intuition is usually so on point, they know when something is not right and will make as much noise as they can to alert you, often playing charades until they have explained to their dull owner that something is amiss! They are not the best at sharing; their toys, their treats, and their most prized possessions (that's you and your family by the way!) all belong to them and they will fight off any potential threats - now this is where it gets complex, although they are superb) judges of character, don't be misled by the fact that they may give your new lover the evil eye, the cold shoulder, or shows them blatant aggres­sion - this may not be simply because they have judged their character and found there to be lacking.

    These dogs are protective, possessive, and prone to jealousy, so you'll have to work out which it is, either they have sensed that your new lover is a 'catfish' intent on stealing your fortune, or they see them as a real threat to their sole owner­ship of you. Good luck with that!

    There can be no denying that tl1ese guys have a heightened sense of perception or intuition and can usually foresee any pending doom. Used correctly they can be put to the best use, if they start barking incessantly you can bet it's for good reason, so check your gas, make sure all is well with your electrics and try your best not to ignore your little star if they are trying to tell you son1etl1ing - they rarely cause a scene for nothing so decipher what that reason is. Scorpio dogs simply 'know' when things are not quite right!