Your Taurus bestie is steadfast and likes comfort and routine, almost as much as they like food! It's all about nourishment for them, and if they can't sleep on your bed under the duvet with you, you'd better find them a suitable alternative. I'm not saying they need silken sheets on their chaise longue, but they certainly wouldn't refuse that kind of luxury. Although they are certainly loyal, they will be happiest with the person who keeps the food bowl full, and the strokes are aplenty, so no need to worry about taking a trip without them, so long as you leave someone to 'serve' them in your place!


Unless they are influenced more by the next sign Gemini, you may have to encourage regular exercise, especially as they get older, or they run the risk of getting a tad tubby and if they could pop on slippers and lay by the fire all night, they would! They also seem to have memory blocks when it comes to the feeding line, meaning they are always ready to eat. Once you have coaxed them out for some fun, they are playful and ready to play ball. They like knowing where they are going and you don't need to be concerned that they will get bored of the same route, as long as it's not a small back garden. They like space, push them to exercise as hard as you can for it won't be long until the silent dinner bell is ringing in their ears again and they are seeking the fastest route home.

They appreciate nature and delight in examining flowers and grass - if they stand still and start sniffing the air, it's because their experiential nature and acute perceptiveness like to check the vibes and scout out potential fun or danger for you both. They don't like too much noise either, so fireworks or loud cars will upset them more than most and they would rather sit with noise-canceling headphones on than suffer unnaturally loud noises.

They are stubborn, so easiest to train when young and usually incredibly strong, physically and mentally - if you train them with treats you had better never, ever, forget to reward an act of obedience, or you will lose that battle of wills miserably -they have long memories!