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    Your Virgo pooch is ruled by Mercury, the planet that influences the mind and intellect, so they are often the smartest dogs on the block. In my experience, I have found them to be either extremely cool, calm, and collected or a little 'shouty' the latter is usually when they are trying to communicate with you and don't feel 'heard'. They like detail, so explaining what you're doing and why you are doing it is helpful, don't think for one minute that they don't understand you, they do! Virgo is depicted as 'The Virgin' in astrology, so these guys are usually pure of heart and endearingly naive. They are prone to sensitive ston1achs and digestion so if they are complaining, do check that the food you give them is as 'clean' as possible - almost 'sattvic'.


    Virgo dog stars like a routine that counteracts their potential anxiety issues, this is a trait shared with Gemini, and whilst the latter 'get over' things rapidly, your Virgo baby won't forget - they have long memories. If you have to move to a new house, try to create a space for them that is similar to the one they had, be that where their food bowls are or where they sleep. They like to lie close to their humanity but won't necessarily demand to be in a bell with you, especially if you have a partner - their world was made for two, and three moving bodies in one bed just don't make any sense to them! These guys are the prudes of the zodiac and they like cleanliness, for this reason, they usually team up well with humans who are into minimalism and order -.

    The Virgo pooch likes to feel in control and is not beyond playing mind games to get what they want. They will ignore you if you've upset them and their ability to exert self-control in that respect is alarmingly strong. If you are in the 'doghouse' you will know about it, and the fact that they may even refuse a treat has nothing to do with them being 'unwell' it's their way of telling you in no uncertain ter1ns that they cannot 'be bought' or bribed which is hilarious! Most owners call the vet or scramble around trying to find out what is wrong with their little darling and more often than not - it's just this little doggie star making an indignant stand against you and what they perceive to be your unreasonable behavior!