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  • The Story Of Chianti, The HappyDog

    2 min read

    The Story Of Chianti, The HappyDog

    Chianti, the golden retriever, was one of my friend’s dogs, seen as part of the family. Her and my dog, Tony, would play for hours on end, running around and tackling one another. Chianti has a lot in common with millions of dogs around the world, particularly because she belongs to one of the most popular dog breeds in America.

    Golden Retriever 101

    The breed standard states that the Golden Retriever has the will to obey, is intelligent, and has a natural attachment to work. A dog breed that emulates the characteristics of being kind, friendly, and trusting. The attitude of a Golden Retriever is, like all hunting dogs, movement and training intensive. Under-challenged dogs, unsubsidized in their workplaces, tend to develop unwanted behaviors. Therefore, to stay active with your dog. Whether it is throwing the ball in the park for your golden to retrieve, or going on regular walks, goldens will be healthy and happy for as long as they live.

    Despite these precautious measures, the hereditary disproportionately of golden’s often causes elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia. The Golden Retriever has a relatively long life expectancy for a medium sized dog. The average Golden Retriever is over 10 years old. Of course, in such large and active dogs, even without hereditary preloading, arthritis and its first symptoms often occur early.

    Osteoarthritis in Chianti

    In our Chianti, this was triggered by a knee ligament tear.

    In December 2011, the knee ligament was operated on to repair the tear. After 6 months of careful walking, there was a slow increase in movement. Unfortunately, the left knee joint was always in a crooked position, turned slightly outwards. Due to this misalignment, the joint was always unevenly loaded. 

    Happy Again To The Rescue

    This is where Happy Again came into play. I used my product over 4 weeks, in double dose, and then continued as described on the package. Fortunately, the Golden Retriever often has a good appetite and Chianti had no problems whatsoever devouring every last bit of her food. I dissolved Happy Again in her water, and put some in her food at night. Over the period of 6 weeks, in combination with the gift of Happy Again, the painkiller was reduced from 120mg / daily to 20mg / daily!

    Wow, that made Tony and I especially happy! 

    Chianti the Runner

    Chianti runs a lot better, lies down better and is much better after the night sleep!
    Mareen (Chianti’s momma) is overjoyed and continues to feed her HappyAgain. Thanks to Mareen, we were able to share Chianti’s amazing story.
    Chianti is finally HappyAgain!

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