5 Tips for Maintaining Your Dog's Joint Health

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Dog's Joint Health

Written By Richard Rowlands

Many pet parents think that loss of mobility, occasional limping, and general stiffness in their dogs are inevitable signs of aging. These are actually preventable and treatable joint problems. And they’re something you can get a handle on before they even show up!

But if you’ve noticed them don’t despair! You can help your beloved best friend with these issues. It’s possible to both protect your dog’s joints from degeneration and manage existing joint problems to reduce pain and inflammation. 

In this post, we'll share our top 5 tips for maintaining your dog's joint health throughout their lifetime.

1) Feed a Healthy, Balanced Diet

Choosing a healthy, well-balanced diet is the first step to ensuring your dog’s joint health is top notch. Feeding the right diet from an early age will lower the risk of developing issues later. Why? Because low-quality commercial diets are high in carbohydrates and can cause weight gain and obesity. This can put lots of strain on your dog’s musculoskeletal system leading to degeneration of the joints and conditions such as arthritis. 

A healthy diet will provide them with the nutrients they need to support their body and help them maintain a healthy weight.

2) Provide Regular Exercise

It’s not uncommon for dogs to slow down as they age. But spending their senior years living a sedentary lifestyle puts them at high risk of developing joint disorders. This is why it’s important to maintain daily walks or other forms of exercise. 

For senior dogs, here are some quick tips to keep them walking and active. 

Shorter, more frequent walks with plenty of built-in rest times are great. Allow your pup to go at their own speed and slow your pace. Remember, this is exercise for them and not you! Lastly, walk on easy surfaces like grass or dirt when possible as pavement can add extra stress to joints. 

And if you have the option, swimming is also a fantastic no-impact exercise for dogs to stay fit and healthy. Grab a doggy life vest and jump in!

3) Prevent Joint Injuries

Avoiding injuries will keep your dog’s joints safe. One simple way to do this is to put carpets or rugs around the house to prevent joint trauma from slipping, especially on hardwood or laminate. 

It’s also easy to reduce strain on your dog's joints by training them not to jump on or off furniture. Instead, invest in some doggy stairs or just make beds and couches no go zones unless you’re there to help them. 

Lastly, use a harness on walks instead of a collar. This prevents trauma to the neck and spine that may be caused by your dog pulling this way or that. 

4) Keep Your Dog Warm and Comfortable

This is one a lot of people might not think about, but it’s important, especially in colder climates. Providing a comfortable, padded bed and placing it in a warm area of the house away from cold floors and chilly drafts will help a lot. You can add some extra blankets to stay warm if the temperatures drop especially low.

Another good option is a quality orthopedic pet bed, especially for seniors who are already showing some symptoms of joint issues. It will support your dog's joints and prevent spinal misalignment and pressure on sensitive joints. Definitely worth the investment! 

5) Give Your Dog Joint Supplements

Joint degeneration is most common in senior dogs, but it’s never too early to start your dog on joint supplements. By giving them earlier in life, as a preventative measure against conditions such as arthritis, you’ll be ensuring their senior years are more enjoyable and pain free. 

When you first get your pup, consider adding Happy Start to their diet as it builds healthy joints and bones from a young age, laying a great foundation. As your dog grows and matures, you can transition them to something like Happy Days, which maintains hip and joint health in adult dogs. Finally, for your senior dog, consider Happy Again which will relieve stiffness and help restore healthy joints and bones when needed. 

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! 5 simple tips for keeping your dog and their joints happy and healthy. It’s as simple as a good diet, regular exercise, preventing injuries, a quality place to sleep, and the right supplements. 

Be sure to check out our science-backed formulas that provide essential nutrients to support not only your dog’s joints, but all aspects of their health, throughout their life. 



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