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  • A Letter From Tony

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    A Letter From Tony

    Hi I’m Tony,

    Better known by my ability to skateboard as a means of transportation, and finish any type of meal that is placed in front of me. My fast eating and skating skills are not the only things that keep me going. My loving family and dog companions allow me to live life to the fullest.

    At age nine, people still seem to think I am still pretty youthful, but I have really skated around the block a few too many times. Inflammation in my joints began to really take a toll on me. Already as an older, mid-size doggo my hope to ever walk to my food bowl without limping in pain began to consume my thoughts and energy. I couldn’t play anymore, or chase after my mother’s bicycle as she rode to work. Not only was my pain negatively affecting me, but also my loyal owner.

    Many give up and say it’s too late, but not Anja. My mommy’s love for me and brain filled with complex knowledge that I don’t understand fueled her drive to formulate Happy Again. Filled with a bunch of magic ingredients and proteins, the dried powder was not even noticeable as I chowed down on my favorite meal of the day…which is actually all meals of the day.

    A couple weeks later something changed. As I heard the clink of my bowl and the water from the faucet I ran and slid into the mud room beaming with excitement. My joints felt rejuvenated. Ever since that amazing day I could live, love, and lick even more than before. 

    Since my momma is happy again, she wanted to share my joy to dogs around the world. Now my aging friends can run around and enjoy life, and even watch me use my skateboard again.

    With lots of licks,

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